Tane Ikai

photo of Tanai Ikai

Tane Ikai was the oldest Japanese supercentenarian on record. [Most scholars now discount the 120 year old claim of Shigichero Izumi, although it was authenticated by Guinness.]

Tane Ikai became Japan's oldest person at age 113 in 1992 after the death of 114-year-old Waka Shirahama. Ikai's three sons and daughter predeceased her. Ikai continued to enjoy sewing and pottery-making after she moved to a retirement home in 1972 at age 93 until she suffered a stroke aged 99. She suffered another stroke at 113 that left her bed-ridden.

Ikai's typical daily diet consisted of three meals of rice gruel. She died in Nagoya, reportedly of kidney failure, at the age of 116 years 175 days. She is the first supercentenarian on record to have been autopsied.

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Tane Ikai

the fifth oldest (authenticated) supecentenarian:
Maria Capovilla (1889-2006)

the seventh oldest (authenticated) supecentenarian:
Elizabrth Bolden (1890-2006)

The world's oldest authenticated supercentenarian:
Jeanne Calment (1875-1997)

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